Nuisance Animal Removal and Control

Arkansas’ Largest Nuisance Wildlife Company


Yes, that’s us.

Urban sprawl is currently transforming the landscape throughout Arkansas. Changing with the landscapes are the habitats of our local wildlife.  With the elimination of their natural habitat, they have learned to survive in ours, living and reproducing in man made structures.  If evidence indicates you have intruders, you probably do, it is more common than you think.picture13

Absolute Wildlife Inc. offers ecologically responsible animal control and wildlife management solutions for homeowners, businesses, and government.  We are not a pest control company. We are a licensed commercial contractor. (License No #0209290514)  By understanding the capabilities and natural instincts of our local wildlife, we offer personalized solutions for most wildlife problems.  Often ignored, habitat modification and rodent proof construction is the only defense for preventing animal entry into a structure.  We provide permanent solutions using time testing materials that are aesthetically pleasing and able to withstand the persistent force of mother nature.

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